On August 12, 2017 at the State Central Committee meeting of the Michigan Democratic Party, Michigan for Revolution plans to propose the following resolutions and motions in an effort to demonstrate  our goal to bring integrity, fairness, transparency and democracy back to our country. These were shared to the Online SCC Forum earlier this week, and changes based on comments from SCC members have been incorporated. Summaries are provided below together with links to the complete details  of the resolutions. 



Resolution #1  


Resolution in support for Environmental Action plan at MDP events and meetings. This resolution brought forth by Sandra Larson and Theresa Gallivan on behalf of Michigan for Revolution supports surveying each congressional district with the intention of improving environmental stewardship at MDP events and meetings. Additionally, each district is asked  to reach out to local municipalities to formally request participation in the renewable energy campaign. This would potentially result in cities all over this beautiful state joining others, like Traverse City, to operate from 100{01455888e2f0b7d04668e5856c70a88946582713670d769b7c021b89f026e8f9} renewable energy by 2025.The Democratic party has a history of leading the way for environmental causes. This is a great opportunity to move towards becoming a winning party in upcoming elections and stand as green stewards for our planet and for the life it supports.




Resolution #2


This resolution, brought forth by Chuck Altman,  is taken almost verbatim from the California Democratic Party’s platform and  provides balanced guidance for addressing a range of national security issues, as well as our other domestic needs.  It is helpful guidance in ordinary times and vital when the Trump administration elevates security at the expense of all other concerns.The MDP platform does not contain a statement about national security.  These national security issues determine how approximately two-thirds of the federal discretionary budget is allocated, thus having a large impact on many other aspects of the MDP platform.  






Motion #1

Motion for addition of standing committee charged with  election dissection.

Game theory is ‘the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent, rational, decision makers.’ Unfortunately, the Michigan Democratic Party has not been studying enough of what went wrong and what went right with every election cycle. We pay high power consultants to give their opinions but we fail to survey the field organizers. We get a professional’s opinion instead of consulting with the people who were actually on the ground in our state organizing. Project 83 is a good start but we can do better.  We can know more.  Just trying harder is not the recipe for success. Therefore, we propose a voluntary standing committee tasked with a complete election dissection of each and every election cycle  to determine what went right and what went wrong at every level so we can use this information to better convince the intelligent decision makers (voters) that the Democratic  party deserves their vote.


Motion #2

Motion for addition of standing committee charged with technology use in the MDP.

The MDP needs to obtain an electoral edge in its upcoming midterm elections and following the Michigan Republican Party’s advancement in technology and grassroots energy through MI Team Dashboard, we hereby move that the Democratic Party form a standing Technology Committee comprised of volunteers with technical knowledge to audit the party’s technological status and advance the cause of democratic organizing and communications through technology. In order to make meaningful change before the midterm elections, this committee shall be formed and have met at least once before the end of this year.


Motion #3

Motion for independent audit of MDP and Hart-Kennedy House.

This motion is brought forward in light of the email dated June 13, 2017  in which Chairman Dillon assured MDP members that the $500,000 FEC fine “in no way will be paid for and no way affect the budget we voted on, our day to day operations, or project 83” nor “will any future membership revenue or individual contributions be allocated toward anything but our core purpose, which is getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot and fighting for our shared Democratic values.” Since Chairman Dillon has not been able to elaborate upon the specifics of the repayment plan including the source of the $500,000, which equates to one sixth  of our two year operating budget, and in the absence of any attempt to demonstrate transparency through an open public meeting of the financial committee, we move for a full independent audit of the MPD and Hart-Kennedy House  to be completed by an independent accounting firm that reports directly to the finance committee with final reporting to be presented at the April 15, 2018 MDP State Convention.