Liano Sharon

Liano Sharon has been a progressive, involved in human rights, environmental, and anti-war activism since the early 1980s. A lifelong advocate for grassroots democracy, Liano has a passion for understanding the dynamics of social, cultural, and economic systems, and developing practical tools for building individual and collective agency, dismantling systems of oppression at every scale.

Andrew Nowicki

Andrew Nowicki is an environmental activist with a particular passion for Michigan wildlife. He first became involved in politics during the Bernie Sanders campaign and continues that work with Michigan for Revolution. He aims to build awareness of the natural world by hosting animal presentations, nature walks, and writing about environmental issues across the state.

Sarah Horn

Sarah Horn is a policy researcher and former high school social studies teacher. Her interest in politics and government span more than a decade. She studied political science in college, where she began studying issues of economic inequality. She was a founding editor of MSU’s Green & Write Educational Policy Blog and has published numerous research articles on educational politics and policy. She also writes about labor politics and environmental policy issues. Sarah is a PhD candidate in Education Policy at Michigan State University.

William McMullin

William McMullin has a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a BBA in Public Administration and Environmental Studies from Western Michigan University.  He helped lead a ballot campaign to protect mourning doves in Michigan with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and has been active in other ballot campaigns such as one to allow workers to earn paid sick days.