Every day someone asks me, “why do you continue to try to work within the Democratic Party?”

Every day it gets more and more difficult to answer this.

The reality is – we live in a country where the two party system controls our government. With that said, only one of those parties even comes close to aligning with my values.

So I sit here after one of the worst days of being a democrat to tell you why I keep fighting within the Democratic Party and why I am a democrat.

I am a democrat because I am an unemployed single mom. Because if things got any worse for me personally, democrats are more likely to stand with me and less likely to tear me down for being down on my luck.

I am a democrat because my mom & step dad can’t afford their medical bills and have had to take money out of their retirement plans to pay off their debts.

I am a democrat because I believe in unions, a living wage, safe work environments, and equal opportunity.

I am a democrat because our planet is at risk.

I am a democrat because I have a daughter whose future depends on what I do NOW.

So, no. I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to let Democratic Party leaders get away with sexually assaulting an active party member. I’m not going to let people be walked all over and intimidated because they are new or young or don’t understand a ridiculously complex system. I’m not going to back down because people think I am a rabble rouser.

You’re god damn right I’m a rabble rouser. I stand up for what is RIGHT. Not for what is easy. THIS is not easy for me. I *hate* coming back to these party meetings. I *hate* being surrounded by people who hate me (and don’t even know me). I *hate* being called a liar and other names by leaders in the party. I *hate* my name being destroyed across the entire party sphere.

But I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. Because whether I intended to or not, I’ve put myself in a position where people depend on me to stand up. People depend on me to elevate their voices and their concerns. And I will never EVER stop fighting for the less privileged, the powerless, the next generation or anyone in between.

I’m a fucking democrat. Not a proud one right now. But I will keep working on this god forsaken party until I can be a proud democrat. Because that’s what being a democrat should be about. Being better.

Let’s be better together.


Kelly Collison

Lansing for Revolution Organizer
Michigan for Revolution Organizer
Michigan for Bernie Sanders Founder

MDP Progressive Caucus Chair
Young Dems of Michigan National Committeewoman
MDP Executive Cte Member (At-Large)
MDP State Central Delegate
MDP Rules Cte Member

Executive Cte Member, MDP Cannabis Caucus
Executive Cte Member, Mid-Michigan Progressive Caucus
Precinct Delegate