On January 18th, the Democratic Party Chair of the 13th Congressional District, Jonathan Kinloch, will go to trial on assault charges brought by a fellow Democratic Party member.

In June of last year, an initial complaint was filed with the Detroit Police by Marie Thornton. Thornton is a member of the 13th Congressional District, a precinct delegate from Detroit, and sits on the Michigan Democratic Party State Central Committee.

Marie Thornton (left) and Jonathan Kinloch (right).

After an investigation, charges were subsequently filed against Kinloch for assault and battery. He was arraigned on September 26th and plead not guilty to the charges. He posted a $5000 personal bond.

In a statement to Michigan Progressive, Ms. Thornston alleged she was “physically attacked by CD 13 Chair Jonathan Kinloch who intentionally applied pressure to my left arm by slamming a glass door on me.” This was done, according to Thornton, because Kinloch did not like that she was recording a meeting of the Statutory Executive Board and “took matters into his own hands in order to discipline me.” She said that Kinloch later threatened to take action against her and others for bringing the charges.

“Kinloch has tried to silence me,” she said. “Is this what the Democratic Party is about?”

Judge Roberta Archer will be presiding over the trial tomorrow.

The assault and battery charges filed against Kinloch (Case # 1704569501):