On January 23, the Michigan Democratic Party Rules and Political Reform Committee wrapped up business on the “line by line” review of the rules mandated by the State Central Committee at its second meeting last year.

In the months leading up to the February 2017 MDP Convention, Michigan for Revolution Chapters and allies across the state organized at the county and district level to push through nine resolutions on transparency and accountability in the Michigan Democratic Party. About half – not always the same half – passed in many counties and districts. As a result, the MDP State Central Committee tasked the Rules and Political Reform Committee with the “line by line review” as it quickly became known among Party members.

The rules as marked up by the Committee have been sent out by Ryan Covert, MDP Director of Party Affairs, together with a clean copy of the rules as they would be, should these changes be adopted by the State Central Committee (SCC). The Rules and Political Reform Committee Chairman, Nathan Tripplet, will present the Committee’s report at the 10 February SCC meeting, in Flint, where the SCC will vote on the changes. A 2/3rds supermajority of the SCC is required to approve any changes to MDP Bylaws.

Over the next 10 days, Michigan Progressive will publish a series of articles on the Rules and Political Reform Committee’s work, focusing on the intent behind the MDP Rules as argued by members of the Committee over the course of the last six months. Equal space will be provided here to any Committee member who would like to contribute.

We are also happy to publish any substantive article related to the MDP Rules by any member of the Michigan Democratic Party. Within the bounds of reason, decency, and legality, no substantive article will be turned down. In case of a dispute, I’ll make the final call.

If you’re not a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, here’s our quick reference guide on  How to Join the Party. Under MDP Rules no fee of any kind is required to join, remain a member, or vote in any unit of the Michigan Democratic Party (a “unit” of the MDP is any organization chartered by the MDP, including the MDP itself, caucuses, County and District Parties, local clubs, and so on).