We started Michigan Progressive one year ago to provide a platform for progressive voices in Michigan politics.

In just a year, we have accomplished a lot. Our articles and blogs have been picked up and gotten coverage in the broader Michigan media. We’ve also impacted the conversation about candidates, policy, and reform within the Michigan Democratic Party. So far, we’ve written stories about:

  • The Michigan Democratic Party’s “Line-by-Line” review of the rules; reform, and attacks on members within the Party
  • Progressive candidates running for office in Michigan, and highlighting new progressive caucus and groups
  • Exposing faux-progressive candidates running for office (people who claim to be progressive, but aren’t)
  • The Progressive Movement

Michigan Progressive had been an all volunteer effort, but there are basic administrative costs that require funding. We are raising funds to help us cover these costs and expand the reach our site online.

Please consider making a donation to support Michigan Progressive using the link here to our GoFundMe page.

Thank you!