The following statement by the Young Democrats of Michigan (YDM) was read at the Michigan Democratic Party State Central Committee meeting where the recording ban was passed. The statement was read by Zahra Abbas, Secretary of YDM and a State Central Committee delegate representing the 12th Congressional District.

Left to right: Mikal Goodman (YDM Comms Director), Duncan MacLeod (YDM Treasurere), Leaha Dotson (YDM President), Zahra Abbas (YDM Secretary)

It has been moved recently by some members here that a number of individuals in MDP leadership wish to ban the recording of public meetings held by multiple MDP caucuses and organizations except in a situation where the organization at hand has received the expressed approval of the MDP chair.

Many of the people aware of this proposed motion believe that this is a blatant attempt by those in power to hide the political activities of both the Michigan Democratic Party and every organization that chooses to operate within it, including our own. This proposal would:

1) Further cloud and obfuscate an area of politics already plagued by smoke, mirrors, and shady processes.

2) Harm the accessibility of party members who are unable to attend meetings in person, as well as creating an additional barrier that will further complicate the pathway for those who seek to learn about and become active in the party.

3) Unnecessarily involve the MDP chair in the everyday operations of different organizations within the party that could be solved and executed by their respective organizations.

4) Forces our party towards a slippery slope of top-down, unnecessarily bureaucratic restriction of the many grassroots groups that operate in tandem with the party.

The Young Democrats of Michigan, along with many other members of the Michigan Democratic Party are opposed to this proposal in the most absolute of terms. We see it as an affront to everything our party is supposed to stand for, and a direct violation of our Democratic values.

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